Gunsmithing prices are an average of previous work. Your job may be more or less and will be custom quoted. All jobs require a $35 deposit..


  Per hour: 75  Per hour with machine: 95  Minimum per gun: 35

  Cleaning: tear down, inspect, clean and lube:

    Rifle: 55-95

    Shotgun: 55-105

    Handgun: 55-85

  Safety check: headspace and bore check: 45

  Written appraisal: 35-50

  *Install sling swivels: 35-50

  Cut barrel and crown: 125-150

  Remove stuck case from chamber: hourly rate

  Remove "live" round from chamber: 100+

  Remove fouling and/or obstruction from barrel:  hourly + materials


  Sights: Drill and Tap, (new) per hole: 25

  *Mount bases, rings & scope: 35-60

  Bore sight scope: 20 (free mount and bore sight with scope purchase)

  *Trigger install and/or adjust: 55-100 (single)

  Thread barrel: 150  with thread protector: 170

  Thread and install our CUSTOM muzzle brake: 360

   Install our CUSTOM muzzle brake (no threading) $225 (w/ brake)

  *Re-barrel: 375

  *Install custom bolt knot: 55

  * Pin and Weld muzzle device: 75


  Install sights: Replace bead: 45

  Pattern: 50 + Ammo

  *Install and fit new recoil pad: 50-75

  *Install choke tubes: per job quote

  Open or modify choke: 65-80 per barrel (add 25 for chrome-lined)


  *Install new sights: 45-150

  *Revolver trigger and/or action job: 60-125

  *Pistol trigger and/or action job 60/180

All of our custom machine work is facilitated by Viper's Venom. It is the best cutting fluid,

Thank You Bob Pastor! 

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