"The Diablo"

Primary Weapons Systems MK107

.223 WYLDE  Short Barrel Rifle 

MSRP: $1949.95  Our price: $1800.00

Weight:  5.13 lbs Overall Length:  24.5"  Barrel:  7.75"

Muzzle Velocity: 2368ft lbs/sec   Muzzle Energy: 772 ft lbs

We stock select suppressors and will gladly order any suppressor you desire. We are dealers for almost every manufacturer: Black Rain Ordnance, GemTech, Yankee Hill, Liberty, SilencerCo, ThunderBeast, AWC, Tactical Solutions, Masterpiece Arms, Huntertown, Rebel and Coastal. We will gladly transfer any silencer from any other dealer. If you have questions about wait times, trusts, and the process of class 3 items, just ask, we are happy to share information.  


TAC65 22lr  ONLY 3 OZ

$260   IN STOCK!!!

Purchase your suppressor from us, save a transfer fee!

"The Kitty Kat"

Tactical Solutions Sawtooth 

Last One Left!!   $500

DPMS Kitty Kat

.223/5.56 Short Barrel Rifle

MSRP: $1124.00 Our price: $1100.00

Weight: 5.3 lbs Overall Length: 23.75" Barrel: 7"

 In Stock Now!!

 In Stock Now!!

Custom ordering suppressors is our specialty, what can we get for you? 

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